Welcome to our podcasts, featuring lectures, interviews and readings by some of our researchers. Find us at Anchor.fm if you want to subscribe to our podcasts via your preferred app.

We’re aware that audio recordings may not be fully accessible for everyone. Due to copyright and our available resources, we are not able to provide transcripts of all podcasts, but if you require a text version please contact read.durhamenglish@durham.ac.uk and we’ll do our very best to help you on a case by case basis.

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Browse by Literary Period

An antique clockA complete listing of all our podcasts, organised according to the literary period they cover.

Public Lectures

Public LectureRecordings of public lectures delivered by our academics and researchers. The Department of English runs or co-organises a wide variety of lectures every year, for the benefit of a broad audience. To find details of future events, subscribe to our monthly events newsletter.

Poetry Aloud

MicrophoneThese podcasts include readings and discussions of poetry by our published creative writers and researchers. They also celebrate poetry as a spoken art form, with public readings of well known poets run by the Centre for Poetry and Poetics.

The Uses of Literature

BookThis series of podcasts explores how reading and studying literature can have a wider social value. Understanding how literary writers have represented issues such as ageing, world politics, or science can help us to construct better societies today.

Literature, History, Culture

file000795582118This series of podcasts looks at the role literature plays in wider history and culture. How does literature reflect and offer a window onto historical moments? What role does literature play within society as a whole?

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  1. Sadly because you use Mixcloud I can’t listen to you using podcast app on my Android tablets as Mixcloud doesn’t alllow it 😦
    The Mixcloud app is known to have security issues in the past so I won’t use it, which means that I have to download each episode.


    1. Thanks for your comment. It’s true Mixcloud isn’t perfect, but it’s more cost effective than alternatives at present. We do keep reviewing how we host podcasts, and hope in future to have a better podcasting option. In the meantime, if you subscribe to the blog feed under the podcasts category you should at least get notifications whenever a new podcast is available to listen to online.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It wash a criticism – I thimk your podcasts are wonderful – it was just an observation. I follow your blog via my WordPress blog and also the RSS reader on my tablet.


  2. I am incredibly interested in the topics these podcasts seem to be, but unfortunately I have bad hearing. Is there a link where I can read the scripts or are they all spoken?


    1. Hi Anna, thanks for your interest in the topics. Often there aren’t transcripts, because publication here might make it harder for the researchers to publish the same items elsewhere in journal articles or book chapters later on. But if you’d like a text version of any in particular, can you email read.durhamenglish@durham.ac.uk with the titles and we’ll see about getting some to you individually. Hope we can help you!


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