Headbangers and Pageturners: Sam Thomas on the Surprising Links Between Metal and Literature

Metal music has a reputation for trouble, as reinforced in the forthcoming UK release of the film Lords of Chaos, about the band Mayhem and the disturbing crimes associated with the Norwegian black metal scene. Dr Sam Thomas, though, thinks that metal music has connections to literary art that should challenge traditional assumptions about both forms.


Miss Julie Now and in the North: An Interview with Jake Murray (Part 2)

In the previous post in conversation with Jake Murray, we asked the director of Miss Julie – playing across the North East this March – about his personal experience of the play and what makes it challenging to produce and perform. In this second post, Jake explores the themes of the play itself, and explains... Continue Reading →

Rivers of Love

One man, three women, and trout. Jez Butterworth’s play The River sounds prosaic, but it flows poetically through themes of love and loneliness. As Durham-based theatre company Elysium prepare to bring The River to the North East for the first time, we asked director, Jake Murray, why we should try to catch a performance. The... Continue Reading →

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