Rivers of Love

One man, three women, and trout. Jez Butterworth’s play The River sounds prosaic, but it flows poetically through themes of love and loneliness. As Durham-based theatre company Elysium prepare to bring The River to the North East for the first time, we asked director, Jake Murray, why we should try to catch a performance. The... Continue Reading →


Conversations Across Continents with the Durham-Jordan Creative Exchange

The small, medieval city of Durham, UK and the bustling metropolis of Amman, Jordan, might seem worlds apart. But for writers Linda France and Mofleh al-Adwan, who are swapping places as part of a unique creative exchange programme called Alta'ir (bird), each provides a rich source of literary inspiration. We found out more with Linda... Continue Reading →

My Accent Changes with the Landscape: An Interview with Third Culture Kid Author, Abeer Hoque

For children who begin life in one culture before relocating to another, being a Third Culture Kid presents unique challenges of identity and belonging. Jessica Sanfilippo-Schulz, who wrote on Third Culture Literature in a recent article in our Postgraduate English journal, interviews the author Abeer Hoque, a Bangladeshi American who was born in Nigeria. At... Continue Reading →

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