A Puck of Poetry: Review of Mischief, by Peter Bennet

Peter Bennet’s latest collection, Mischief, takes readers from rural Northumberland to the aisles of Tesco, blending classical references with contemporary wit along the way. Soumyaroop Majumdar reviews. There is a lot to be said about the ordering of a collection, and with the very first poem, ‘The Place I am’, Peter Bennet pitches into the... Continue Reading →


Herd Mentality: Review of The Secret Life of Cows at Durham Book Festival

Having spent many years nurturing her herd in the Cotswolds, Rosamund Young has learned to appreciate the unique personalities of cows. Her book The Secret Life of Cows, which she recently presented at Durham Book Festival, argues that these intelligent animals speak to society about the need to rethink our habits of consumption. Barbara Dick... Continue Reading →

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