An Acute Adolescence: Review of playtime, by Andrew McMillan

Andrew McMillan's debut poetry collection, physical, was warmly received for its tender portrayal of modern masculinity. His second book, playtime, continues these themes but pushes them into a fraught adult context. Cheryl Julia Lee reviews ahead of Andrew McMillan's appearance at Durham Book Festival on 14th October. Given the bracing intimacy of Andrew McMillan’s writing, it is... Continue Reading →


Review of The Song of Hild by Vibeke Vasbo, translated by Gaye Kynoch

Human sacrifice; the belief in wights; Latin. Anglo-Saxon England may seem like a time far removed from our own, but in The Song of Hild, Rachel Fennell encounters a novelised world that, in its treatment of women, remains uncomfortably close to home.  It is 633 A.D and the Northumbrian king, Edwin, has fallen in battle. With... Continue Reading →

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