The Huge Power of a Tiny Book

Even great writers start from small beginnings. Eleanor Scorah reports on an encounter with a minuscule book, during Durham's Literary Juvenilia conference, which enticingly hints at the author who we would subsequently know and cherish as Charlotte Brontë. This is kindly cross-posted from Eleanor's blog, Object. This week I attended a talk called ‘The Brontë juvenilia, editing,... Continue Reading →


Review of Hell, Heaven and Hope: A journey through life and afterlife with Dante

Dante’s The Divine Comedy takes readers on a voyage through the afterlife, exploring themes of love, justice, resilience, and hope along the way. The exhibition Hell, Heaven and Hope, on display in Durham's Palace Green Library until March 18, similarly takes visitors on a physical journey through his fourteenth-century masterpiece and its subsequent influences on art and culture. Aalia... Continue Reading →

Roundup: Durham Book Festival 2017

We had a great time at Durham Book Festival 2017, and whether you attended in person or followed the conversation online, we hope you did too. Remind yourself of some of the book chat and thought-provoking discussion in our reviews roundup. One theme that emerged was that books are not simply about entertainment. Rather, they... Continue Reading →

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