Not World’s Apart: A Conversation on Philosophy and Literature with Michael Mack and Barry Stocker

Also downloadable as a podcast via your favourite podcast player.
Are philosophy and literature two distinct disciplines, divided by a common language? Emphatically not, according to Dr Michael Mack and Dr Barry Stocker, the editors of a new collection of twenty-nine essays on the subject. In this podcast, Michael and Barry identify how the power of the imagination, literary uses of language, and an interest in ethics tightly link the two approaches together.

Cover of the Palgrave Handbook of Philosophy and LiteratureThe Palgrave Handbook of Philosophy and Literature presents the major perspectives within philosophy and literary studies on the relations, overlaps and tensions between philosophy and literature. Drawing on recent work in philosophy and literature, literary theory, philosophical aesthetics, literature as philosophy and philosophy as literature, its twenty-nine chapters plus substantial Introduction and Afterword examine the ways in which philosophy and literature depend on each other and interact, while also contrasting with each other in that they necessarily exclude or incorporate each other. This book establishes an enduring framework for structuring the broad themes defining the relations between philosophy and literature and organising the main topics in the field.

The Palgrave Handbook of Philosophy and Literature is available now, priced from £168.

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