Contrary Mary: Four Medieval Manuscripts that Reveal the Complexities of the Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary was a vital figure in late medieval society. Hope Doherty, whose PhD research focuses on depictions of Mary in late medieval English literature, has been finding visual evidence of how she was understood and represented. Here are four of her favourite images that offer an insight into the world of medieval theology.... Continue Reading →


Durham Miners and Wartime Propaganda

This weekend is Durham Miner's Gala, the annual celebration of the region's coal mining heritage. Ahead of the march, Dr Guy Woodward, researcher on the Political Warfare Executive project, has been digging in the archives to discover how Durham miners were depicted in wartime propaganda. While it is well known that the North East's miners... Continue Reading →

Muriel Spark’s Mythologisers

In an age of 'fake news', we know that stories that begin as myths and fabrications can end up becoming taken as fact and truth. But 'fake news' precedes the age of Donald Trump and social media - and indeed warnings about its dangerous effects can be found throughout post-war literature. Muriel Spark's fiction offers... Continue Reading →

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