A Word about Privilege

The most recent manifestation of deep structural racism in the United States, which finds its echo in racist violence and discrimination all over the world, including in the UK, has once again prompted an outpouring of responses – some more adequate than others. Many organisations have issued public statements of solidarity, but not always in... Continue Reading →

VE Day: The Political Warfare Executive and German and Italian POWs

This VE day, perhaps you've been commemorating quietly, celebrating with a (socially distanced) street party, or relaxing. But on 8th May, 1945, while the world marked the end of the war in Europe, the hard work was just beginning for the Political Warfare Executive. Dr Guy Woodward and Professor James Smith write in a post... Continue Reading →

Passing on Trauma in Life and Literature

When veteran BBC reporter Fergal Keane stepped down from his role due to Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, some were surprised by the 26-year lag between the causal traumatic experience of the Rwandan genocide, and his difficulties now, after an apparently successful career. But as Tia Byer explains, although originating in horrors specific to slavery and race,... Continue Reading →

Smuggling John Steinbeck’s Fiction

One of these books is a conventionally-sized hardback. The other measures just 10.5 x 6.5 cm. The tiny edition is a French translation of John Steinbeck’s 1942 novel, The Moon is Down. Dr Guy Woodward of the Political Warfare Executive project explains that this item in the National Archives shows how fiction was smuggled for... Continue Reading →

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