Text Within Text

Professor Thomas C Foster states, “There is no such thing as a wholly original work of literature.” The advent and rise of the now established ‘novel’ presented what seemed to be a unique approach which challenged and flouted previous traditional formal conventions. In structure, content and style, the novel and its underpinning realistic philosophy appeared to be entirely ‘new’. But just how ‘new’ can any literary movement or individual work actually be? And what part does a writer’s use of an already existing work of fiction play in the development of realism and realistic literature? Anne-Marie Dunn considers the ways in which a writer can include another text in his work, how these texts are presented and used, and how the inclusion of textual elements impacts upon nineteenth century readers and modern readers.

This lecture was recorded as part of Easter Lectures Day 2014, when postgraduate researchers delivered fresh insights into key undergraduate exam topics. Easter Lectures Day was organised by Laura McKenzie.

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