Aurélia Lassaque on Poetry Across Languages

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Listen to Aurélia Lassaque, a French poet and performer who writes, sings, and speaks in French, English and Occitan – a language spoken in parts of Southern France, Northern Spain and Italy. In this podcast you’ll hear her different uses of voice as she reads and sings her work, and then an interview with Suzannah V. Evans in which they discuss the imaginative experience of writing poetry across multiple languages, and the relation between poetry, sound and music.

Aurélia Lassaque is a bilingual poet in French and Occitan. Interested in the interaction between various forms of art, she often cooperates with visual artists, videomakers, dancers, and particularly musicians. She has performed all over the world, in Europe, Latin America, North Africa, Scandinavian countries and India. She is an active advocate of linguistic diversity and acts as literary advisor for the ‘Paroles Indigo’ festival in Arles and the ‘Premio Ostana Scritture in Lingua Madre’ in Italy. Lassaque’s poetry collection Pour que chantent les salamandres (Editions Bruno Doucey, 2013) has been published in Norwegian (Forlaget Oktober, Oslo, 2015), Hebrew (Keshev Publishing House, Tel Aviv, 2014), Dutch (AzulPress Maastricht, 2014) and English (Francis Boutle Publishers, London, 2012). She has also written a doctoral dissertation on the Occitan Baroque drama. You can read a poem by Lassaque published in the Guardian here.

This podcast was recorded during the Symposium of Sound conference, held at Durham University in September 2018.

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