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Across all our channels (this blog, Twitter, Facebook, and our podcasts) we typically reach around 100, 000 viewers and listeners a month, giving us one of the largest digital presences of any literary-related organisation in the North East, and of any UK English Department.

READ exists primarily to share the research emerging from the Department of English Studies – from insights by PhD students to new academic books to events to matters of policy interest.

If you’re interested in contributing or getting involved, browse this blog and our Twitter and Facebook pages to see what we usually do, and then find the category below that best fits you.

If you’re unsure about anything, please contact the READ editor ( or message us on Twitter and Facebook. The current READ editor is Dr Alistair Brown.

Academic Staff, PhD and Postdoctoral Researchers

If you’re within the Department of English Studies but don’t know much about blogging or dissemination, then check this comprehensive submission advice document (enter your university username and password). As you’ll see there are lots of possibilities; the only requirement is that you intend to reach a wider audience than academics alone (it wouldn’t ordinarily be appropriate, for example, to publish a journal article in blog form).

Then either complete this post proposal form or email and the editor will get back to you.

If you’re organising an event, the appropriate READ channels can be used for promotion. A comprehensive event organisers toolkit is in development.

Undergraduate Students

We hope that you follow READ’s activities and what’s happening within our research community. Since READ is driven by a research agenda, in general we do not publish articles, reviews, creative writing etc. written by undergraduates (for alternatives see the likes of Palatinate, Durham University English Literature Society, or the Durham English Review).

However, we certainly try to cross-promote taught student activities where they are of interest to a public audience, or to shout about good news stories. If in doubt, get in touch.

Taught postgraduates may be invited to contribute following attendance at the relevant training workshops.

Event Organisers in the North East

If you’re running a book and literary-related event in the North East we’d love to know about it and to share with a wide audience of Durham University and regional followers, both via social media and our very popular North East Book Events newsletter. Either tag us on Twitter or Facebook or let us know about your event.

Note that if you’re organising a theatrical event, unless it has a strong connection to the University or Department we can’t typically promote this – there’s just too much going on to equitably keep on top of!

Book Bloggers

We love following book blogs, but at present we do not generally host reviews or posts from this community. However, we are developing a project to pair book bloggers with academic researchers to talk about shared interests and books you mutually love. If this sounds of interest, drop us a line.

And if you happen to have reviewed a book published by one of our academic staff, do let us know and we’ll be delighted to share and perhaps cross-post. Likewise if you attend one of our events and write a review or comment piece on the back of it.

Authors and Publishers

We’re happy to receive proposals for books to review, provided we can place them with a relevant member of our research community. We would also tend only to review works by an established external publisher (i.e. not a vanity press or self-publishing).

Anyone Else

As part of our activities, we work closely with a large number of external partners and members of the public, so although READ often promotes work done from our Department, we’re still interested in the ideas you might bring to us. We may be able to work with you on research projects, or use our influence via READ to help your own literary activities.

Please contact READ editor, Dr Alistair Brown, via or message us on Twitter and Facebook if you do not fit the above categories, or have an innovative idea.

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