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Late Summer Lectures 2015 (Public Lecture Series, 19th August to 7th October)

From Vikings to T.S. Eliot to chocolate in literature, this year’s annual Late Summer Lectures Series offers an exciting range of topics, with a special emphasis on interdisciplinary studies. Now […]

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Ghosts on the Water: Marina Carr’s reception of the Classical Underworld in her Midland Trilogy

Marina Carr is heralded as one of Ireland’s foremost contemporary playwrights. Her plays frequently reflect Irish domestic life, while drawing on the motifs of ancient Greek mythology and culture. In her article for […]

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Chivalric Identity in Medieval Romance: Colour and Clothing in Perceval

[MP3 version] Chivalric identity is a recurring theme in the medieval romance. This features prominently in Chretien de Troyes’s Perceval and Marie de France’s Lanval. Alice Stamataki explores issues of […]

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