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What would you do while waiting for Godot?

  VLADIMIR: What do we do now? ESTRAGON: Wait. VLADIMIR: Yes, but while waiting. Samuel Beckett’s most enduring play is one in which infamously, according to the critic Vivien Mercier, “nothing happens, twice.” […]

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‘Some Scurrilous King’: Judge Holden and the Spectre of Shakespeare’s Monarchs in Blood Meridian

Though the political world in Shakespeare’s day may seem different to our own, Shakespeare’s representation of nationhood, identity and power continues to exert an influence on contemporary writers. In his […]

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Filth, Fornication, and Four-Letter Words (Seminar, 19th February)

Fetchez la vache! Medieval French had many more diverse curses than Monty Python represented. Everyone is welcome to this seminar in which Dr Daron Burrows (University of Oxford) will explore ‘Obscenity […]

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