What’s On: North East Literature and Book Events in May 2019

Full of spirit is the month of May (a prize for identifying the quote), and full too of book events happening in Durham, Newcastle, Teesside, Sunderland and around the North East. Make sure you subscribe or submit your event to avoid missing out next month. All eyes and ears are on Newcastle at the start... Continue Reading →

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Watch Souls of the North Come Back to Life

Dragons! Dance! Death! Souls of the North presents now-neglected traditions from the North of England and Scotland that imagine or challenge death, celebrate the dead, and that were once popular throughout the region before the advent of modern and commercialised Halloween. https://youtu.be/-U_0CK9H_x4 Supported by an incredible cast and team of volunteers (thanks everyone!), our Records... Continue Reading →

Romanticism and the Uncharitable Quip

With their epic poems and philosophical themes, Romantic writers are hardly associated with the lighter side of life. However, ahead of a forthcoming conference on Humour and Satire in British Romanticism that suggests that humour should be put back on the menu, Daniel Norman serves up a joke from an auspicious dinner party. It’s often... Continue Reading →

Sound Words: Hymns in Twentieth-Century Literature

Why did twentieth-century atheist or agnostic authors write so many hymns into their poems and novels? Dr Noreen Masud explains what inspired her to explore this question, with her findings recently published in The Review of English Studies (paywalled; free version via Durham Research Online) This post is republished from Noreeen's blog Parrots Ate Them... Continue Reading →

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