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Call for Presenters: Late Summer Public Lectures 2017

Our popular annual public lecture series, Late Summer Lectures, is making its comeback in Durham from August 2017. If you are a postgraduate or early-career researcher looking at any area of literature, and […]

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Neo-Victorian Decadences (CFP 31st May, Conference 8th-9th September)

A two-day academic conference running from 8th to 9th September aims to refocus Neo-Victorian studies by considering reinterpretations and representations of nineteenth-century decadence in works from the Interwar period to […]

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‘Interpreting (with) Freud’: Laplanche, Hoffmann and the Copernican Birth of Unconscious Drives

The French psychoanalyst Jean Laplanche built on Sigmund Freud’s understandings of sexuality. James Wills’ article in the new issue of Postgraduate English traces how Laplanche interpreted Freud, and how in turn Laplanche can […]

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