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Incantatory Yeats (Public lecture, 23rd February)

Join Professor Herbert Tucker (University of Virginia) for this special public lecture on W.B. Yeats. All welcome to Elvet Riverside 140 on 23rd February, starting at 18.00. Herbert Tucker is […]

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The Coarseness of the Brontës: A Reappraisal (Call for Papers, 31st March; Conference, 10-11th August)

A two-day conference, scheduled for the 10th to 11th August 2017, aims to re-evaluate the charge of ‘coarseness’ so often directed at the Brontë family. The call for papers for this collaborative […]

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‘Give a hand to your neighbour’: Margaret Thatcher and Pornography (Public lecture, 14th February)

Margaret Thatcher. Pornography. Perhaps not words that you would commonly associate with one another. However, a number of novelists writing about the impact of Thatcherism in the 1980s used changing notions […]

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