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Re-Sounding Voices: Women, Silence, and the Production of Knowledge (CFP 15th January, Conference 8th March)

This one-day conference on 8th March will celebrate International Women’s Day 2016 by considering the ways in which women have been marginalised in the canon of arts, sciences, and the teaching […]

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Maverick Mayhem: Miriam Gamble and Peter Mackay (Poetry reading, 4th December)

Colpitts Poetry has so far brought to Durham three pioneering female poets, and two wits; now it’s time for some maverick mayhem. Join Miriam Gamble and W.N. Herbert for a provocative […]

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Toadying to the Elite: Review of Will and Tom, by Matthew Plampin

Chris Murray reviews Will & Tom, a novel that features a famous artist fighting for a commission against his childhood friend and rival.  Strange things are afoot at Harewood House, and it’s […]

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