Muriel Spark’s Mythologisers

In an age of 'fake news', we know that stories that begin as myths and fabrications can end up becoming taken as fact and truth. But 'fake news' precedes the age of Donald Trump and social media - and indeed warnings about its dangerous effects can be found throughout post-war literature. Muriel Spark's fiction offers... Continue Reading →


The Author(s) of the Book of Jeremiah

The Book of Jeremiah is one of the major prophetic books in the Bible. But who wrote it? In a new article in our Postgraduate English journal, Francesco Arena finds a seemingly simple question has an intricate answer, which challenges conventional notions of authorship.  As it stands now, the book purports to record the words... Continue Reading →

New Issue of Postgraduate English Journal (Volume 38, Spring 2019)

The Spring 2019 issue of our open access journal, Postgraduate English, is out now. Postgraduate English is one of the longest-running online journals for early-career literature scholars; it accepts submissions from postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers around the world. This issue was edited by Lucia Scigliano and Aalia Ahmed. This issue features articles by Francesco Arena (University of... Continue Reading →

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