Revisiting the Beginning: Review of Pat Barker’s Silence of the Girls at Durham Book Festival

The Trojan War is known as a man’s story: a quarrel between men over a woman, stolen from her home and spirited across the sea. But what of the other women in this story, silenced by history? What words did they speak when alone with each other, in the laundry, at the loom, when laying... Continue Reading →


Bringing Hild Home: Review of Vibeke Vasbo and Gaye Kynoch at Durham Book Festival

As a novel originally written in modern Danish about an Anglo-Saxon English saint, The Song of Hild, by Vibeke Vasbo, posed an interesting challenge for its translator into English, Gaye Kynoch. Rachel Fennell attended their discussion at Durham Book Festival, to learn how a book inspired by English history and landscape found its way home.... Continue Reading →

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