Contrary Mary: Four Medieval Manuscripts that Reveal the Complexities of the Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary was a vital figure in late medieval society. Hope Doherty, whose PhD research focuses on depictions of Mary in late medieval English literature, has been finding visual evidence of how she was understood and represented. Here are four of her favourite images that offer an insight into the world of medieval theology.... Continue Reading →

16 Metal Tracks and Songs Influenced by Literature

In his previous post, Dr Sam Thomas introduced his current research into how and why metal features in the work of Thomas Pynchon. Here he shares a playlist of songs that draw on widespread literary influences. Suggest your own in the comments or tweet #LiteraryMetal. A disclaimer: this list is in no way intended as... Continue Reading →

Five Literary Facts About Durham City

Many people know that Durham Cathedral and Castle featured in the films of Harry Potter, or that the words of Sir Walter Scott grace Prebend's Bridge (pictured). But the City's literary connections are more extensive than this. Especially as we welcome our new students and celebrate the start of Durham Book Festival, here are five surprising... Continue Reading →

Five Ways Horace Walpole Influences Us Today

It is 300 years since the birth of Horace Walpole. In his own time, Walpole was a prominent figure in eighteenth-century literature, architecture and politics, and although today he may be less well-known his influence lives on. Ahead of our public lecture series celebrating Walpole, here are five facts that bring Walpole surprisingly close to... Continue Reading →

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