‘Victims in a Vacuum’: Inscribing Identities in Childhood and Deathbed Scenes (Public lecture, 26th September)

The Victorians were fond of rather mawkish depictions of the angelic child and deathbed scenes. Not surprisingly, later writers rebelled against these visions, as this next Late Summer Lecture with Morven Cook and Oliver Hancock will demonstrate. All welcome to Alington House, Durham on 5th September from 17.30. Since the Victorian period, depictions of the... Continue Reading →

The Huge Power of a Tiny Book

Even great writers start from small beginnings. Eleanor Scorah reports on an encounter with a minuscule book, during Durham's Literary Juvenilia conference, which enticingly hints at the author who we would subsequently know and cherish as Charlotte Brontë. This is kindly cross-posted from Eleanor's blog, Object. This week I attended a talk called ‘The Brontë juvenilia, editing,... Continue Reading →

The Magic Lantern from the Necromancers to the Marketplace

https://youtu.be/82Icn6v6WQM Roll up! Roll up! Experience a Victorian magic lantern show, performed by Phillip Roberts using traditional nineteenth-century equipment. This film was recorded following the show's premiere at our series Late Summer Lectures 2017. Phillip uses a modified late-nineteenth century lantern from the National Science and Media Museum, with original slides from his own collection. His... Continue Reading →

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