New Podcast: Explore Utopian York The historic City of York embodies many stories from the past, but also has a story to tell about our possible future. A series of walking tour podcasts produced for York Festival of Ideas invite us to explore the city's hidden dimensions. Along the route, presenters Sarah Lohmann and Adam Stock introduce their own research into... Continue Reading →

DurhamCon Sci-Fi and Fantasy Convention (3rd February)

Science-fiction author Justina Robson and expert on feminist utopia Sarah Lohmann will be the headline names at this year's DurhamCon on 3rd February. This public event - which will include talks, a panel discussion, and a pub quiz - will be a great opportunity to chat all things sci-fi and fantasy.  The timetable for the event,... Continue Reading →

New Podcast: Eugenics in Utopian Literature

The idea of genetic engineering may conjure visions of futuristic horror, such as mutant human beings with peculiar powers. But some novels and stories, particularly within utopian literature, imagine more positive trends in human development, whether driven by science or natural evolution over time. Sarah Lohmann considers the complexity of approaches to evolution and eugenics... Continue Reading →

New Podcast: Feminist Utopias and Afrofuturism

In the nineteenth century, time travel fiction often imagined exciting, utopian futures. However, these stories were often told from the perspective of a middle-class, white, male protagonist who doesn't really need a better life. Later in the twentieth century, writers would use science fiction genre to imagine alternative realities for those who genuinely need it. In... Continue Reading →

Shaping the Future: How Feminist Utopian Novels Used New Concepts of Time to Create Better Worlds for Everyone (Public Talk, 19th July)

What does relativity theory have to do with utopia, and why are both featured in Palace Green Library’s current exhibition on time travel literature? Find out at this free public talk on 19th July, starting at 13.00 in Palace Green Library. In this talk, Sarah Lohmann will investigate how certain novelists of the late 20th... Continue Reading →

The Handmaid’s Tale is a Fable for Our Times

Margaret Atwood’s novel The Handmaid’s Tale is a dystopian classic. Does the new television adaptation do it justice? Sarah Lohmann writes about the series as it reaches its halfway stage. As a researcher looking at feminist utopian literature, I am always aware of the looming presence of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel The Handmaid’s Tale at... Continue Reading →

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