Can Literature Still Be Dangerous in the Western World?

In a world where a single tweet may have a huge impact, does literature still have a role to play in shaping our society? What gives literature its power? Everyone is welcome to join an Durham University English Society discussion as part of the PEN Day of the Imprisoned Writer commemorations, led by a panel consisting of Professor Stephen... Continue Reading →

New Podcast: Thomas Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge

In a programme recorded for the Sunday Edition on Canada’s CBC radio, Dr Samuel Thomas discusses Bleeding Edge, the long-awaited new novel by American author Thomas Pynchon. [MP3 version] Along with J.D. Salinger, Thomas Pynchon is famous for being a great American writer who is also a recluse - despite one infamous "appearance" on The Simpsons. In this interview, Samuel... Continue Reading →

On International Pynchon Week 2013

Fifty years after the publication of Thomas Pynchon's first novel, V, Durham hosted International Pynchon Week 2013, on the theme of "Lines, Legacies, Anniversaries." Martin Eve (University of Lincoln) reports on the conference, which he co-organised with Samuel Thomas. Last week saw the descent of some sixty Pynchon scholars upon the small northern city of Durham in... Continue Reading →

Thomas Pynchon Goes Digital

The books of the elusive contemporary author, Thomas Pynchon, are to be published digitally for the first time. Dr Samuel Thomas, who has written on Pynchon and the Political, and who has recently spent time studying Pynchon-related archives in Argentina, wonders what this will do for Pynchon's reputation. As an event in contemporary publishing (and as an... Continue Reading →

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