Dragons! Tales and Music from the North East (Performance, 17th June)

Dare to dance with a pair of Durham dragons, along with automatic monsters and creepy costumes at a free show in Durham Cathedral, Priors Hall. Our Records of Early English Drama North East project, along with the Brothers Gillespie and other regional artists, will be performing on 17th June, from 19.00, with a chance to... Continue Reading →

What was John Truslove playing at in church?

New Year is a time when we traditionally let our hair down - but back in 1615, in an age of Protestant censure, one might have expected people to behave more conservatively, especially in a church. Not so, says Dr Diana Wyatt, as in the latest Flower of the Month from Records of Early English... Continue Reading →

The Great Northern Soul Cake Bake

The Great British Bake Off technical challenge can be devilishly difficult. But this November we're calling for bakers to tackle a historical recipe linked to trick-or-treat traditions that were popular in the North long before Halloween was invented. Wield your whisks, and fire up your ovens for the Great Northern Soul Cake Bake! A soul... Continue Reading →

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