UniSlam Poetry Success

UNISLAM is the UK’s largest poetry slam tournament and poetry summit. Durham University's Poetry Society sent a team to the national competition earlier this month, where they placed third overall, with English Studies undergraduate Prerana Kumar winning the individual Verve Prize for her individual poetry. Over on the University's student blog, Kym Deyn discusses the... Continue Reading →


A Conversation with John Milton

Before Fernando Martinez-Periset first encountered John Milton, he had been told by a teacher that this man would change his life. With the recent publication of Fernando’s article on Milton in Postgraduate English, it turns out that teacher was right. When I first began studying John Milton, I was sceptical. I thought that the complexity... Continue Reading →

Back to Back Poetry: Review of Michael O’Neill and Jamie McKendrick at Durham Book Festival

Michael O’Neill’s The Return of the Gift and Jamie McKendrick’s Anomaly are two compelling poetry collections. Though individual in style, both encapsulate the personal experiences that have shaped the mind of their authors. Aalia Ahmed and Lucia Scigliano attended their reflective reading at Durham Book Festival. Michael O’Neill’s reading incorporated a diverse selection from his... Continue Reading →

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