Avians and Aviators: Review of Simon Armitage at Durham Book Festival

Simon Armitage describes himself as only an ‘occasional birder’, but his poetry is flocked with avian imagery and flighty themes. Dr Venetia Bridges spotted Armitage at Durham Book Festival, where he was appearing as part of our own Literary Birds conference. Although his main focus was poetry featuring birds, Simon Armitage’s reading at St Chad’s... Continue Reading →

An Acute Adolescence: Review of playtime, by Andrew McMillan

Andrew McMillan's debut poetry collection, physical, was warmly received for its tender portrayal of modern masculinity. His second book, playtime, continues these themes but pushes them into a fraught adult context. Cheryl Julia Lee reviews ahead of Andrew McMillan's appearance at Durham Book Festival on 14th October. Given the bracing intimacy of Andrew McMillan’s writing, it is... Continue Reading →

New Podcast: Will Harris on Becoming a Poet

It can seem dauntingly difficult for a young poet to gain a name and to get published by a respected press or magazine. But that’s exactly what Will Harris has achieved with his 2017 pamphlet All this is implied, a collection that explores the complexities of being a person of mixed Anglo-Indonesian heritage.  In this... Continue Reading →

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