My Accent Changes with the Landscape: An Interview with Third Culture Kid Author, Abeer Hoque

For children who begin life in one culture before relocating to another, being a Third Culture Kid presents unique challenges of identity and belonging. Jessica Sanfilippo-Schulz, who wrote on Third Culture Literature in a recent article in our Postgraduate English journal, interviews the author Abeer Hoque, a Bangladeshi American who was born in Nigeria. At... Continue Reading →

Day of All Saints: An Interview with Patricia Grace King

Day of All Saints, a new novella by Durham-based author, Patricia Grace King, immerses readers within the experience of Guatemalan refugees and the challenges of integration in modern America. Yasmine Shamma interviewed Patricia ahead of her book launch in Empty Shop HQ on 1st December.  I was immediately entranced by your treatment of Martín, an... Continue Reading →

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