Albion: Change, Rebirth and Stagnancy in The Middle English Prose Brut Chronicle (Public lecture, 16th August)

In the age of Brexit, the origins and history of British identity are of interest like never before. Explore the roots of nationhood and travel back to the mythical land of Albion, in this free public lecture with Madelaine Smart. Everyone warmly welcome on 16th August at 17.30 in Alington House, Durham, for the first in our... Continue Reading →

Encyclopedia Entries on Middle English Literary Works (CFP)

The valuable reference work, The Literary Encyclopedia, is looking for qualified writers to enhance its coverage of Middle English Literature. If you wish to contribute, please contact one of the volume editors for Medieval and Early Modern England, Dr Jamie McKinstry (; or the managing editor, Dr Cristina Sandru ( We are currently adding to the Encyclopedia’s range of... Continue Reading →

Middle English Romance and the Craft of Memory

Medieval romances by authors such as Geoffrey Chaucer may be early examples of literature in English, but they are still intricately constructed pieces of writing. A new book by Jamie McKinstry shows how these tales use a complex system of objects, places, dreams and other narrative elements to help readers to remember their action. Such works highlight... Continue Reading →

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