Durham Book Festival 2014

From politics to poetry, and fiction to feminism, there’s something for everyone at this year’s Durham Book Festival, which brings over 70 writers to the city from 6th to 18th October. This year's highlights include acclaimed actor and writer Sheila Hancock talking about her debut novel Miss Carter’s War, a panoramic portrait of post-war Britain,... Continue Reading →

New Podcasts: Literary Criticism and the Fantastic

From from vampires to poltergeists, eternal children to cyborgs, this series of short lectures explored how literature depicts the fantastic. Recorded at Palace Green Library on 14th March 2014, the lectures tied in with the science-fiction exhibition, Robot. Transgressing the Uncanny Valley: Cybersex and Android Incest, by Alistair Brown Alistair Brown explores the weirdness of android sexuality.... Continue Reading →

Too Fragile: Understanding Digital Texts

Lauren Owen explains the rationale behind the Too Fragile project, which is investigating how digital texts, and other forms of digital reading, writing, and research exchange, are affecting scholarship. PhD students are invited to participate in the project's survey on how researchers gather, store and share information. In ‘Mars University,' an episode of the cartoon series... Continue Reading →

New Podcast: Hideous Repasts: From Varney the Vampyre to Hannibal the Cannibal

You have probably heard of Dracula, but perhaps not of Varney the Vampire. In this podcast, recorded at the Late Summer Lecture Series, Lauren Owen introduces this nineteenth-century character who appeared in a nineteenth-century "penny dreadful." She suggests that a modern equivalent to Varney can be found in Thomas Harris's compelling serial killer, Hannibal Lecter.... Continue Reading →

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