New Podcast: Aurélia Lassaque on Poetry Across Languages

Stream here or download via your favourite podcast player. Listen to Aurélia Lassaque, a French poet and performer who writes, sings, and speaks in French, English and Occitan – a language spoken in parts of Southern France, Northern Spain and Italy. In this podcast you’ll hear her different uses of voice as she reads and... Continue Reading →


New Podcast: Not World’s Apart: A Conversation on Philosophy and Literature with Michael Mack and Barry Stocker

Also downloadable as a podcast via your favourite podcast player. Are philosophy and literature two distinct disciplines, divided by a common language? Emphatically not, according to Dr Michael Mack and Dr Barry Stocker, the editors of a new collection of twenty-nine essays on the subject. In this podcast, Michael and Barry identify how the power... Continue Reading →

The​ ​King’s​ ​English:​ ​language,​ ​colonialism​ ​and​ ​the nation​ ​state​ ​1537-1617 (Seminar, 15th November)

The inaugural seminar for our Inventions of the Text series 2017-18 will explore tussles over language and identity in sixteenth and seventeenth century England. Join Professor​ ​Tony​ ​Crowley (University of Leeds) on 15th November at 17.30, in Durham University Elvet Riverside 247. The paper will analyse the relations between language, colonialism and the English nation-state... Continue Reading →

Putting Words in My Mouth: Review of The Cultural Legacy of the King James Bible at Durham Book Festival

If you have ever been condemned as a scapegoat, or lauded as a "lily among thorns," you have been influenced by the King James Bible. In a Durham Book Festival event organised in conjunction with Durham Cathedral and Sacristy Press, three authors and scholars came together to describe the impact of this translation. Clare Barker enjoyed digging into the... Continue Reading →

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