Lord of the Flies, Female Leaders and a Fragile Democracy: An Interview with Director Annie Rigby on Staging William Golding’s Novel

An island where the rule of law is contested. A group of young people entering adulthood. Given the political context of our times nationally, and with new students starting at university here in Durham, now seems a perfect moment to perform a theatrical adaptation of William Golding's Lord of the Flies, in a co-production between Gala... Continue Reading →

New Podcast: Liz Berry’s Locations and Locutions

Stream here or download via your favourite podcast player. The title of Liz Berry’s first, multi-award-winning poetry collection, Black Country, signals her place of birth - and unsurprisingly the book was described by reviewers as a ‘sooty, soaring hymn to her native West Midlands’. A more symbolic place is visited in her second pamphlet, The... Continue Reading →

New Podcast: Polly Atkin on the Places of Her Poetry

Polly Atkin published her first full length poetry collection, Basic Nest Architecture, in 2017. Like her two pamphlets before it - bone song (2008) and Shadow Dispatches (2013) – Basic Nest Architecture won critical acclaim, including New Writing North’s Andrew Waterhouse Prize. Suzannah V. Evans chatted with Polly about the roots of her poetic life in places... Continue Reading →

It’s Just a Trick of the Light: Mark Burgess of The Chameleons on Literature and Music

How does music express themes of loss, love, and mortality? How do musical instruments articulate their own poetry? Curtis Runstedler has a conversation with Mark Burgess, the vocalist of the cult classic post-punk band The Chameleons, on the literary aspects of post-punk music. Mark discusses his literary interests and his insights on performance, reality, memories,... Continue Reading →

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