Review of Hell, Heaven and Hope: A journey through life and afterlife with Dante

Dante’s The Divine Comedy takes readers on a voyage through the afterlife, exploring themes of love, justice, resilience, and hope along the way. The exhibition Hell, Heaven and Hope, on display in Durham's Palace Green Library until March 18, similarly takes visitors on a physical journey through his fourteenth-century masterpiece and its subsequent influences on art and culture. Aalia... Continue Reading →

A Living Library: Review of Discovering Dante, at Durham Book Festival

Dante's Divine Comedy tracks his journey from hell to heaven - but Dante has now arrived at a new destination in Durham, partly through a forthcoming exhibition at Palace Green Library, and also through a Durham Book Festival event on Discovering Dante, which explored the poet’s enduring influence on today’s art, literature, and culture around the world. Aalia... Continue Reading →

Four Ways Dante Still Matters Today

Although it was composed 700 years ago, Dante's Inferno continues to influence our culture and society, from depictions of hell in video games to the way we understand real-world suffering. Ahead of a Durham Book Festival talk on Discovering Dante, Aalia Ahmed draws four connections between this historic literary work and the present day. Dante in the Media... Continue Reading →

What Dante Means to Me

Dante's fourteenth-century poem Inferno plunges readers into the depths of hell. But, rising from the flames, the poem itself has inspired writers and artists ever since, from Botticelli to Dan Brown. In this post, marking a forthcoming talk on Discovering Dante, at Durham Book Festival, Gareth Reeves reflects on a very personal encounter with Dante... Continue Reading →

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