Ordering the Eighteenth-Century Essay (Seminar, 25th April)

What defines an essay? It's a question that was prominent in the heyday of the genre in the eighteenth century, and in this next seminar in our Inventions of the Text series Dr​ ​Timothy​ Milnes (University of Edinburgh) will explore how writers of the period thought about the form. All welcome to come along on 25th... Continue Reading →

What Brief Interviews with Hideous Men can tell us about rape culture

A serial womaniser. A commitment-phobic boyfriend. A wife beater. David Foster Wallace's 1999 book Brief Interviews with Hideous Men presents a provocative view of male misogyny and its effects on women. In this brief interview with READ, which expands upon his recent Postgraduate English article, Matthew Alexander suggests that Wallace's work is an important text for our times, especially... Continue Reading →

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