Exploring Northern Lights

Philip Pullman's Northern Lights has sold millions of copies. But why should this story of the fantastic be so enduringly popular? In this podcast, recorded at Durham Book Festival 2015, four Durham University researchers discuss the inspiration and interests behind this compelling novel.


Collier: Sinéad Morrissey’s Durham Book Festival Poem

The award-winning Northern Irish poet, Sinéad Morrissey, came to Durham in Summer 2015 as Durham Book Festival Laureate, an arrangement supported by the Centre for Poetry and Poetics. You can now hear her reading her new poem, Collier, which was commissioned as part of the Festival. This was Sinéad Morrissey's first visit to Durham, and... Continue Reading →

Citations of the Fantastic: Exploring Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights at Durham Book Festival

Philip Pullman's Dark Materials trilogy has sold over 15 million copies worldwide - and a further 3000 copies of the first novel, Northern Lights, were distributed free for Durham's 'big read.' The broad appeal of this work stems not only from its fantastic plot, but also from its deep allusions to historical, literary, and biblical culture. Lois Burke traced the influences... Continue Reading →

Putting Words in My Mouth: Review of The Cultural Legacy of the King James Bible at Durham Book Festival

If you have ever been condemned as a scapegoat, or lauded as a "lily among thorns," you have been influenced by the King James Bible. In a Durham Book Festival event organised in conjunction with Durham Cathedral and Sacristy Press, three authors and scholars came together to describe the impact of this translation. Clare Barker enjoyed digging into the... Continue Reading →

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