The Marina Project (Public lecture, 6th February)

Join Professor Ewan Fernie (The Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-upon-Avon), as he describes ‘The Marina Project’ , which reimagines Marina, from Shakespeare's play Pericles, for our own globalised world. The lecture starts on 6th February at 17.30, in Palace Green Library; booking is essential. ‘The Marina Project', led by Ewan Fernie and Katharine Craik, is an ongoing collaboration with... Continue Reading →

Medieval medicine can offer surprising insights into our own practice

With its array of drugs, treatments and diagnostic tools, modern medicine is far more advanced than medicine practiced in the medieval period. However, a new collection of articles on Medievalism and the Medical Humanities shows that pre-modern ideas of medicine, health and the body contain surprisingly topical messages that are relevant for healthcare today. Writing in... Continue Reading →

Voices, Visions, and Divine Inspiration (Public lecture, discussion and poetry reading, 18th February)

Join members of the Department of English Studies and the Hearing the Voice project to explore the spiritual aspects of hearing voices and the way in which these rich and enigmatic experiences have been represented and interpreted in different religious contexts from the medieval period to the present, including through literature and writing. Investigate the... Continue Reading →

The Recovery of Beauty

It is something of a cliché that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but the history of Western culture shows that the issue of what is beautiful in art and literature has indeed been a conflicted one. Can a piece of art that depicts something immoral or violent also be beautiful? Should a beautiful poem simply stir the... Continue Reading →

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