Five Arthurian Films You Should See Instead of Legend of the Sword

Guy Ritchie's new film adaptation of the legend of King Arthur has been panned by the critics. But while this version may have flopped, there have been many more successful big screen depictions of the king and his round table retinue over the years. Colin Davey suggests five better ways to watch knights at the... Continue Reading →

Knights at the Movies: Reformulating Fellowship in Film Adaptations of Chivalric Communities (Public lecture, 7th October)

Bromances, road-buddies, fellowships: close-knit male communities lie at the centre of movies such as The Lord of the Rings or A Knight's Tale which revive medieval notions for the modern cinema. Colin Davey's Late Summer Lecture will take us on a round-table tour of the way these bonds were originally represented in medieval literature, and how and why they have been redeveloped... Continue Reading →

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