Women’s Suffrage Has Not Started Yet: Review of Radical Women at Durham Book Festival

When she was searching for a publisher for her book Bad Girls: A History of Renegades and Rebels, Caitlin Davies was told that that 'there is enough in the market on the subject of women's suffrage'. A hundred years after the Representation of the People Act, why should we bother to read anew the story... Continue Reading →

“The Beginning of Sound Film -The End of Literary Modernism?” and “The Rise of Populism and a Call for the New Sincerity in Contemporary Fiction” (Public lectures, 15th August)

Our Late Summer Lectures series is back in 2018, and begins by looking at how literature reflects trends and developments in wider culture and politics. In the first talk, Lara Ehrenfried will show how the advent of sound film influenced modernist writers. In the second, Arya Aryan identifies a new trend in writing as authors... Continue Reading →

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