Scaling the Heights (Exhibition, 21st September to 21st December)

A new exhibition at the Oriental Museum explores the rich heritage of mountaineering by recreating historic Himalayan expeditions in miniature, on the shelves of major mountain literature collections around the UK.  Scaling the Heights is a collaboration between artist Stephen Livingstone and English Literature academic Abbie Garrington with additional artwork created by artist Kate Livingstone. The... Continue Reading →

If you had your own coat of arms what would be on it, and why?

Walk through the city of London - or indeed Durham - and if you look carefully you'll see coats of arms and badges of identity are everywhere. But most of us don't notice these logos of ownership. In medieval culture, however, things were quite different. For this weeks #MondayMusing we're challenging you to bring coats... Continue Reading →

Four Ways Dante Still Matters Today

Although it was composed 700 years ago, Dante's Inferno continues to influence our culture and society, from depictions of hell in video games to the way we understand real-world suffering. Ahead of a Durham Book Festival talk on Discovering Dante, Aalia Ahmed draws four connections between this historic literary work and the present day. Dante in the Media... Continue Reading →

The Recovery of Beauty

It is something of a cliché that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but the history of Western culture shows that the issue of what is beautiful in art and literature has indeed been a conflicted one. Can a piece of art that depicts something immoral or violent also be beautiful? Should a beautiful poem simply stir the... Continue Reading →

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