New Podcast: A Literary History of Chocolate

"Happiness is as simple as a glass of chocolate." So wrote Joanne Harris in her bestselling novel, Chocolat. But chocolate has not always been associated with pleasure alone. For the ancient Maya it served a ceremonial function, in the salons of Restoration Europe it was seen as a subversive drink, and in the twentieth century... Continue Reading →

A Literary History of Chocolate (Public lecture, 23rd September)

"Chocolate is...the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits" (Justus von Liebig). As if you need any further enticement to indulge in two of life's pleasures, our next Late Summer Lecture will tantalise your tastes with A Literary History of Chocolate. The editors of the blog, The Literary Kitchen, will explore the ways in which... Continue Reading →

Inside the Literary Kitchen

Why does Marcel Proust eat madeleines, and not macaroons? What on earth are the mysterious pickled limes which Amy eats in Little Women? The Literary Kitchen is a new blog set up by Nicoletta Asciuto and Amy Smith, in which they bake their way towards understanding the significance of food in literature. Where did the idea... Continue Reading →

New Podcasts: Easter Lectures 2014

What happened when George Orwell tried to shoot an elephant? How did a Greek farming manual influence the style of Western literature? Can we ever read a novel in isolation from all the other works of literature that we have read? These were some of the questions explored by postgraduate researchers at the annual Easter... Continue Reading →

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