Converging Worlds: Cultural Exchanges in Literature and the Written Word (Conference, 20th June)

A one-day conference will look at interactions in both real and 'imagined' cultures on a literary level. The conference is free, and open to anyone. It takes place in Alington House, Durham, on 20th June, from 10.00. The keynote talk will be given by Dr Michael Huxtable. The list of papers to be presented is as follows: Dr Laura Chuhan Campbell:... Continue Reading →

Chivalric Identity in Medieval Romance: Colour and Clothing in Perceval

Chivalric identity is a recurring theme in the medieval romance. This features prominently in Chretien de Troyes's Perceval and Marie de France's Lanval. Alice Stamataki explores issues of medieval identity through the significance of colours, hues, and heraldry in the medieval romance. The Age of Chivalry module presents a broadly chronological introduction to issues of... Continue Reading →

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