Robot Rivals in Books and Comics: Databank

Here are some literary robots that our visitors and readers have suggested as part of the exhibition ROBOT! at Palace Green Library. Browse this page to discover some great robot books and comics you may not previously have read, or add your own contribution here.

The Wizard of Oz Series

Name of robot: Tik-Toc

Similarity to humans: 1 (very similar)

Status: Utopian (good for humans)

What makes your robot interesting? Tik-Tok is a clockwork robot, dreamed up by L. Frank Baum for his wizard of Oz series. He first appeared (I think) in 1907 in Ozma of Oz – very early for a robot in literature. He acts as a protector and servant and although his intentions are good, he amusingly and frustratingly malfunctions or winds down at the most inconvenient moments. Tik-Tok was one of my favourite characters in the Oz series – as a child I was captivated by the fact that he seemed both totally at home in Oz, yet totally out of place at the same time.

In ten words, why would you recommend this book to others? Classic children’s fiction at it’s Edwardian craziness.

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