‘Victims in a Vacuum’: Inscribing Identities in Childhood and Deathbed Scenes (Public lecture, 26th September)

The Victorians were fond of rather mawkish depictions of the angelic child and deathbed scenes. Not surprisingly, later writers rebelled against these visions, as this next Late Summer Lecture with Morven Cook and Oliver Hancock will demonstrate. All welcome to Alington House, Durham on 5th September from 17.30. Since the Victorian period, depictions of the... Continue Reading →


Scaling the Heights (Exhibition, 21st September to 21st December)

A new exhibition at the Oriental Museum explores the rich heritage of mountaineering by recreating historic Himalayan expeditions in miniature, on the shelves of major mountain literature collections around the UK.  Scaling the Heights is a collaboration between artist Stephen Livingstone and English Literature academic Abbie Garrington with additional artwork created by artist Kate Livingstone. The... Continue Reading →

Beginnings and Endings in Ovid’s Metamorphoses (Public lecture, 19th September)

The influences of Ovid's Metamorphoses can be found throughout later Western literature. This Late Summer Lecture with Simona Martorana will take us back to the original poem, at the end of which Ovid remarkably suggests his work is bound to last forever. All welcome to Alington House, Durham on 19th September from 17.30. Ovid’s Metamorphoses was the book from which centuries of... Continue Reading →

The Stream of Consciousness in the Works of William Wordsworth and James Joyce (Public lecture, 12th September)

William Wordsworth and James Joyce. Not two names you commonly think of together. However, as Adam James Cuthbert will demonstrate at our next Late Summer Lecture, the earlier writer helped to inspire the latter in his depiction of the 'stream of consciousness'. All welcome to Alington House, Durham on 12th September from 17.30. Adam will explore the stream... Continue Reading →

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