The Huge Power of a Tiny Book

Even great writers start from small beginnings. Eleanor Scorah reports on an encounter with a minuscule book, during Durham's Literary Juvenilia conference, which enticingly hints at the author who we would subsequently know and cherish as Charlotte Brontë. This is kindly cross-posted from Eleanor's blog, Object. This week I attended a talk called ‘The Brontë juvenilia, editing,... Continue Reading →


Universal and Eternal: Review of Discovering Dante at Durham Book Festival

Dante may have lived 700 years ago, but the epic poem he wrote, The Divine Comedy, lives on through later writers. Three speakers with expertise ranging from Romantic poetry to world literature to modern writing were able to demonstrate the range of Dante's influence at a Durham Book Festival talk. Lucia Scigliano-Suarez reviews. In his fictional journey... Continue Reading →

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