Till We Shine: Review of The Green Hollow at Durham Book Festival

On the morning of Friday 21st October 1966 a heap of mining waste shifted and slid down a mountainside into the Welsh village of Aberfan, destroying houses and, most tragically, the local primary school of Pantglas. In total 144 people were killed in the disaster, 116 of them children at the school, along with five... Continue Reading →


Andrew McMillan performs his Durham Book Festival poem, ‘Coalfield Dementia’

Andrew McMillan was Durham Book Festival poet laureate in 2017. He performs a new poem, 'Coalfield Dementia', inspired by how towns and villages across the North East have come to terms with the aftermath of the pit closures. Communities are nostalgic for the past, but don't genuinely want to return to it; at the same... Continue Reading →

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