The House that Jack Built: Review of Lamanby at Durham Book Festival

Lamanby is based on Jacob Polley’s award-winning poetry collection Jackself (2016) – but is definitely not a straightforward poetry reading. The written collection has morphed into a live event that mingles music, film, sound, and poetry into one enchanting, disorienting, and at times disturbing experience, as Hannah Piercy found when she watched, listened, and imagined... Continue Reading →


Living with a Legacy: Review of Miranda Seymour’s In Byron’s Wake at Durham Book Festival

Miranda Seymour, author of the award-winning In My Father’s House, has drawn on fascinating new material to tell the stories of County Durham-born Annabella Milbanke and Ada Lovelace, wife and daughter respectively of the poet Lord Byron. Nicola Wigmore learned more at Durham Book Festival about two women who broke with convention, to controversial and... Continue Reading →

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