Celebrating the Anniversary Issue of the Postgraduate English Journal (Volume 40, Spring 2020)

Postgraduate EnglishHappy birthday to our Postgraduate English journal, which celebrates 20 years of operation with its new issue. Published twice a year since 2000, its longevity as an online publication testifies to the skill of its teams of postgraduate editors, and to the breadth of insights emerging from the early-career research community. This issue was edited by Kashish Madan and Anna-Rose Shack.

This anniversary issue is fronted by a special feature, containing reminiscences and interviews with those involved throughout the journal’s history, from its founder Professor Tim Clark to recent postgraduate editors. As former editor Dr Kostas Boyiopoulos identifies, “one of the many advantages of Postgraduate English is that it is a hotbed of enduring ideas: the work of doctoral researchers it showcases often turns out to be the spark and keynote of their lifelong research path.”

There are of course examples of such ideas among the articles published in this issue, and we’ll be highlighting these individually over the coming weeks here on READ. For now, these include:

As always, all this work can be read for free in Postgraduate English, which has been an open access publication since its inception two decades ago.

A formal Call for Papers will be issued shortly, although open submissions are accepted year-round following these author guidelines.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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