Studying at Home? These English Literature Resources May Help

With many students around the world in a state of lockdown and having to learn at home during the coronavirus pandemic, here are some of our existing resources that might be of use to English students, especially those working through the A-Level curriculum.

Podcasts Through Periods

Browse our full listing of over 100 podcasts by period and theme. All podcasts can be streamed online, and most can also be downloaded to your favourite player via our channel. The following are especially relevant to A-Level studies:

Video Lectures

  • Charles Dickens and Christmas Time – with spring here in the UK this may seem unseasonal, but Professor Simon James’s examination of how Dickens thought about time and memory applies is relevant to many of Dickens’s works.
  • Where is British Poetry Today? – a question about contemporary writing posed by the British Academy, and answered by our own Professor Stephen Regan among others.
  • Forgiveness in Irish Post-Ceasefire Poetry – also featuring Professor Stephen Regan, a lecture on how modern Irish poetry looks back to the Troubles.

Free Articles

For more longer book and article-length resources, the following are useful:

  • Our Postgraduate English journal has been publishing research by new scholars from around the world for the last 20 years. Every article has been professionally peer reviewed so it’s a trustworthy source of new insight and information.
  • Durham Research Online contains details of all publications by English Studies academics, with many of them freely-available.
  • Durham Etheses hosts PhD publications from our postgraduates. These book-length studies represent the cutting-edge of the discipline, and many can be read online.

Think Differently About Familiar Authors

We publish blog posts week in week out (so if you aren’t following us, please do so). Here are a few from the back catalogue that give an intriguing new perspectives on some established student topics:

A Change of Scene

Literature can be an imaginative escape, even when we’re physically confined. Here are three blog posts to take your mind away from current events:

What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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