Souls of the North (Free performance, 12th September)

Come face-to-face with a cast of deathly characters, including Beelzebub, a Quack Doctor, a Black Knight and a skull-headed wild horse at a free and unique performance. This event takes place on 12th September, 19.30, in the Concert Room, Palace Green. Places will be limited so reserve your free ticket now.

Souls of the North will present now-neglected traditions from the North of England and Scotland that imagine or challenge death, celebrate the dead, and that were once popular throughout the region before the advent of modern and commercialised Halloween.

This spectacle of song, dance, drama and costume will include:

  • a death-and-resurrection play with an intimidating array of personalities
  • live music from Scotland and England’s North, such as soul cake songs and the Lyke Wake Dirge
  • a depiction of early dance
  • traditional poems and and ballads

The show is an experience in performative research, where a live production helps us to better understand the methods and practice of early drama and festivities.

The production will be directed by Lieven Baert, a professional choreographer from Ghent, and is brought to you by the team from Records of Early English Drama North-East that put on Theatrum Mundi in 2016.

For a sense of what to expect, here’s a film of the earlier Sacred and Profane spectacle, which formed part of Theatrum Mundi. The Souls of the North performance will take elements of this, such as the Dance of Death (viewable 37 minutes in), and showcase some of the other ways death was commemorated in the past.

Don’t miss this opportunity and reserve your ticket now.

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