Visualising the Ephemeral: Breath in Visual Art (Public lecture, 29th November)

A series of blue bubbles against a green background
Detail from ‘Sing’ by Jayne Wilton
In the second event of the Arts of Breath series, Jayne Wilton will be exploring breath in visual art. Everyone is welcome to this free talk on 29th November, 18:15, in Durham University Elvet Riverside 142.

‘Art changes human experience as it reorders our perceptions and engages our emotions’ (Gabrielle Starr‘Feeling Beauty: The Neuroscience of Aesthetic Experience’). The ephemeral and elusive breath has been associated with visual art since Paleolithic times and has been employed literally and metaphorically to explore and express concepts as disparate as creation, interaction, conflict, scientific discovery and the human condition. This lecture will illustrate and draw from cultural, political and spiritual portrayals of breath made visible across genres and history, to create a dialogue with the mechanism and power of visual art to connect us to the embodied experience of breathing.

Jayne Wilton is a visual artist who explores the breath as a unit of exchange between people and their environments. Her practice uses darkroom processes with drawing, photography, video and sound to capture the usually invisible trace of breath as it moves across a surface.

Contact for more information, or visit the event on Facebook. The Arts of Breath lecture series, organised by the Life of Breath project, continues until 14th March.

The Arts of Breath public lecture series poster

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