Changing Times with Late Summer Lectures 2017

From Brexit to climate change, Britain is moving through turbulent times – but a look at literature through the ages reminds that ‘change’ has been a permanent feature of our culture and national identity. Late Summer Lectures 2017 will take you on a journey from the birth of Britain to the future that awaits us. Be led through time at Alington House in Durham every Wednesday evening from 16th August to 4th October. 

The first lecture in the series goes back to the mythical land of Albion, home of a race of giants, to discover how the roots of Britain can be found buried in the early Brut Chronicle. The lectures then move through some of the seminal figures who have shaped British identity, such as Alfred the Great, Shakespeare and other Elizabethan playwrights.

Three centuries after the golden age of Elizabeth, the Victorians laid the foundations for modernity, whether in inventing entertainments like the cinema or changing the way we think about matters of life and death.

The series closes with a view to the future. Britain has always been defined by its status as an island nation, and contemporary poetry shows our continued fascination with the coastal frontier. Of course, that frontier is under threat due to climate change. Whether we face apocalypse, or have the chance to reshape our world in a more utopian way, is an open question. What comes next? Come along to Late Summer Lectures 2017 and decide for yourself.

Everyone is warmly welcome to come to these free public events; booking is not required but spaces will be allocated on a first-come basis. Each lecture will start at 17.30. Talks will last about 45 minutes, and there will be a chance to mingle and chat with the speakers after each event.

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