Discover new perspectives on literature at Late Summer Lectures 2016

Late Summer Lectures 2016

Encounter some of the fascinating literary research being conducted by the next generation of scholars at our popular series of free public talks, Late Summer Lectures. Now in its sixth year, Late Summer Lectures continues the tradition of conveying new discoveries from early-career researchers to the widest possible audience. All are invited to Alington House every Wednesday evening at 17.30, from 17th August to 5th October. 

From apocalypse in modern literature, to the tradition of the philosopher’s stone and the grail legend, these talks will cover a full breadth of literary history. There will also be insights into some more specialised topics, such as the way breath is represented in science fiction, and the genre of modern minimalism. Since the series is based in Durham, speakers will reflect a local interest too, with a lecture on St Cuthbert and his somewhat gratuitous miracles of vengeance, and another exploring the Lambton worm and Radical Jack the Earl of Durham.

Everyone is warmly welcome to come to these free public events. Each lecture will start at 17.30, with free refreshments available from 17.15. Talks will last about 45 minutes, and there will be a chance to mingle and chat with the speakers further after each event.

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