Beware the Durham Dragon!

dragon poster

Citizens of Durham, beware! The infamous dragon, the White Wyrm of Ethiopia, has been captured and will be led through the streets of Durham as part of Theatrum Mundi. The dragon will be at the command of the eminent dragon-master, one San Giorgio D’Aquilana Multiulcano D’Abruzzese, so all may shiver in terror but need not fear for their lives!

A unique and captivating spectacle will wind through the streets of Durham thanks to a collaboration between Phenix Studios Hexham and Miscreations Theatre commissioned by Records of Early English Drama North East, with support from Arts Council England. This event is the development taken from an archival fragment that describes an “Italian Mountebank” having brought a 20-foot dragon from Ethiopia to Durham city in the late 1500s.

Theatrum Mundi has decided to embellish the idea and has called on Phenix Studios Hexham and Miscreations Theatre to bring it to life. As well as performing on the streets around Palace Green on 8th, 10th, 11th and 12th July at 14.00, the Durham Dragon will form part of the procession in the performance of The Sacred and the Profane on 10th July at 20.30.

Formed by Emma Berry and Andrew Bates, Phenix Studios Hexham specialise in reconstruction for theatre and television using traditional materials including leather, wood and metal-works most recently for the Iliad at Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh and for Beowulf the television series. Miscreations Theatre is currently run by Aron De Casmaker an internationally esteemed performing artist and teacher formerly of Cirque du Soleil, Theatre Sans Frontiers, and the award winning Theatrophy – Undead Theatre, among many others.

Find out all about the performances in Theatrum Mundi at the festival website. From the modern premiere of the earliest play written in Britain, to a massive show at dusk on Palace Green, Theatrum Mundi will be a spectacle not to be missed. Join the conversation on Twitter via #FestiveNE.


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