Dead Women Poets Society (8th June)


Durham University Poetry Society presents the Dead [Women] Poets Society, with T.S. Eliot award nominated poet, Frances Leviston, alongside Sarah Fletcher and Eiffel Gao. Come along for an evening of conversation between women poets, dead and living, on 8th June at 7.30, in the Norman Chapel, University College. All welcome.

“slovenly needlewomen, (all
our sewing came apart), dancers,
players upon pipes: we have been
the queens of the whole world!”
– Marina Tsvetaeva, ‘We Shall Not Escape Hell’

Who are the Dead Women Poets? How “dead” are they? And what is our relationship to them, as contemporary women, poets, artists, “queens of the whole world”?

Following a sellout performance at Durham Book Festival last October, the Dead [Women] Poets Society are back in Durham for another evening of of conversation between dead and living women poets. This event will feature Forward and T.S. Eliot-nominated poet, Frances Leviston, alongside Durham University’s own Sarah Fletcher and Eiffel Gao. Together we will briefly re-examine the voices of three dead female poets, exploring their influence on our writing and identities today.

Tickets are free! Booking in advance recommended as space is limited inside the Chapel. To book, email with the number of tickets required, your name, and any access requirements. For more details, follow the event on Facebook.

“And soon all of us will sleep under the earth,
we who never let each other sleep above it. ”
– Marina Tsvetaeva, ‘I Know the Truth’


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