Poetry, Performance and the Sea (Workshop, 9th June)

Poster for Poetry, Performance and the SeaIn collaboration with New Writing North’s Cuckoo Young Writers, this is a free practical workshop for students and young writers interested in the performance of poetry, writing poetry without writing anything down and meeting other writers. Facilitated by Tess Denman Cleaver and Jasmine Simms, in Empty Shop HQ on 9th June from 16.30.

The workshop will be designed for young writers with an interest in poetry and in writing. It will involve a variety of activities that use performance to develop poetry, but no experience of performance is necessary, and there will be no requirement to stand in front of people and ‘perform’ – though I’m sure we can make that possible if you really want to. On the day we will look specifically at the sea as a theme. However, the techniques and discussions will not be limited to this particular subject, but applicable to writing and performing poetry more generally.

Tess Denman-Cleaver is an artist and researcher based in the North East, working with theatre and performance. She is artistic director of Tender Buttons theatre and performance company, which she founded in 2010 with Nicola Singh.

Jasmine Simms is a poet, founder of the Dead [Women] Poets Society, and Vice Chancellor’s Scholar for the Arts at Durham University. She has twice been a winner of the Northern Writers Awards and was the recent winner of the Yorkshire New Poets Prize.

Please book in advance, or see the event on Facebook for further details.


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