Haliwerfolc (Poetry reading, 1st June)

haliwerfolc poster

A host of poets from the North East and beyond come together to celebrate the region’s traditions and identity at this intriguingly-titled event. Visit Empty Shop HQ on 1st June, at 19.00, to experience poetry with a sense of place.

Poets featured include Paul Batchelor, Jake Campbell, Joanne Clement, Mandana M. Ghoyonloo, Lisa Matthews and Padraig Regan.

If you’re wondering what Haliwerfolc means, they were the people of Northumbria, whom Saint Cuthbert had a strong loyalty and sense of duty towards. Haliwerfolc poetry is born in this vein: to represent the people of the North-East and stand for their traditions while also being a welcoming place in which to foster broader dialogues about the importance of the region and its literature in an interconnected world.

With that same sense of kinship and duty to poetry, this event shares writing from North-East poets and beyond. Participants will consider place and ‘no place’, identity and pilgrimage. Warmly welcome are poet Mandana M.Ghoyonloo with poems in translation from Persian and from Queens Belfast, Padraig Regan for the UK launch of his new pamphlet ‘Delicious’ (Lifeboat, 2016).

The event is organised by Joanne Clement and Jake Campbell (Newcastle University), supported by the Northern Bridge programme. 


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