Recruiting to the Writing Squad

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Aged 16-21? Live, work or study in the North of England? Write? A development programme for young writers, The Writing Squad, is looking for the next generation of talent. Details from the Writing Squad website are below.

Every two years we look for 30 talented writers to join The Writing Squad, to work with our tutors, professional writers and squad grads.  If you’re aged 16-21 years old, and you’re from or you live, work or study in the North of England – we’d like to hear from you.

We’re not looking for qualifications – we’re looking for talent.

The Squad fits in with the rest of your life, so you don’t need to stop whatever else you’re doing.

You’ll receive…

Being part of the Squad is FREE. You just need to be able to get to our writing days in the North, have regular access to the internet, familiarity with social media, and an enthusiasm for writing. We welcome writers of any formats – from poetry and prose, through film, stage and radio scripts, to games and graphic novels.

To apply to join the Writing Squad please send us some examples of your writing with a cover note of no more than 2 pages telling us about you, your writing, and what you’d like the Squad to do for you. Please send us up to ten pages of prose/script or ten poems/songs, or URLs where we can watch or listen to your work. Also please let us know which workshop you’d like to attend, Manchester, Sheffield or Newcastle.

For more details and to apply, march over to The Writing Squad now. Deadline for applications is midnight Wednesday 30th March 2016.



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