Become a Reviewer in Residence at Inpress Books (Opportunity for young writers, deadline 18th January)

inpressCuckoo Young Writers and Inpress Books are excited to be buddying up to offer a unique Reviewers in Residence scheme in 2016. They are looking for up to 10 young people (aged 15-23) who are interested in writing about books and the publishing industry to take part. From those 10, 3 lucky people will be selected to take part in big London publishing events. Applications close on 18th January 2016.

Inpress is the UK’s specialist in promoting and selling books produced by independent publishers, and this unique programme will offer young people (aged 15-23) a behind-the-scenes peak into the publishing industry, a chance to hone your books reviewing skills and the chance to join Inpress at big publishing industry events in London, such as The London Book Fair and their very own Festival of Publishing.

What will being a Reviewer in Residence at Inpress involve?

All Reviewers in Residence will:

  • Participate in a poetry reviewing masterclass with a top writer
  • Participate in a “writing about books” workshop
  • Get to know the Inpress team and learn loads about independent publishing
  • Have access to LOADS of Inpress books to review
  • Get their writing published on the Inpress website and Cuckoo Review
  • Have the opportunity to spend time in the Inpress office and to be “buddied” with an independent publisher
  • Access to events and poets at T-junction Poetry Festival in Middlesbrough to review and interview poets and poetry events

The three reviewers selected will attend both the Festival of Publishing in London (29 January 2016) and a day at The London Book Fair (12-14 April 2016) and will get free access to events, the opportunity to interview/ review and to hang out with the Inpress team!

If you are selected to attend the London events, your travel costs and accommodation will be covered by us. We can only consider young people aged 16+ for this part of the programme.

For more details about how to apply, and key dates, see the Cuckoo Writers website.


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