James Bond and the Cold War (Lecture, 10th December)

James BondWhether your favourite James Bond is played by Sean Connery, Roger Moore, or Daniel Craig, each generation of heroes has reflected the particular anxieties and issues of their age, from the Cold War to twenty-first-century terrorism. This lecture with Professor James Chapman will look at the changing contexts of James Bond. Join on 10th December, 17:15, in Elvet Riverside 157.

Popular fiction has long been recognised as a site for the examination of wider social and historical contexts. This lecture will explore how the figure of James Bond acts as a barometer of global geopolitics with particular reference to Britain and its role in the Cold War. It will consider the changing political contexts of the Bond stories from Ian Fleming’s original novels to the blockbuster film series, including how Bond – once described as “a sexist, misogynist dinosaur [and] a relic of the Cold War” – remains a global popular culture phenomenon in the twenty-first century.

James Chapman is Professor of Film Studies at the University of Leicester and author of Licence To Thrill: A Cultural History of the James Bond Films (I. B. Tauris, London).

This event is organised by the Centre for Modern Conflicts and Cultures. Contact James Smith (james.smith3@durham.ac.uk) for more information.


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